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What makes me interested in this game is similar to that of the characters in icon Barry from Jetpack Joyride. But after seeing more, this game is clearly not derived from Halfbrick. I can only directly search for other game because this is a game trick, but I think what seemed to Hulk Frankenstein, Lara Croft and ghosts Sa Da Co do in this game, as shown in the screenshots? Two minutes later game already ended in the iPhone i.

Hearthstone Gold Hack is endless game runner where you must continue to run through so many living creatures unseen and also collect a coin during the journey. But there is one important difference in this game. It is ye will run simultaneously with other marathon and you must attack one another. This makes it a little different from the thousands of another runner endless.

You will be given the four key as the control. Namely, jump, is tilted, a key spring and a key super power. The characters you will have HP and also MP, HP will be reduced if you exposed to hit the enemy or obstacles. While the MP will be reduced each of you has launched an attack and also super power.

In this game there are four main characters Frankenstein, Lara Croft, Liu Qiang and Sa Da Co. Each had a different status; Frankenstein have HP a thicker but little MP while Sa Da Co have MP that very much. But unfortunately in this game is not there is the process of leveling so that you will be stuck with the status of the characters you.

Each before the start of the game you will be tying with the items that can help you such as potion that make you run faster or a trap that you can throw back and make other players trapped. Unfortunately, besides this item, there is no upgrade or equipment that usually we find in the other runner endless games.

Hearthstone Gold Hack release with the strategy the strange, first this game release at the price of Rp 9,500 so. But three days later the game is to become free of charge, and there are advertisements in it. This provoked protests from buyers that have been purchased from the first day. How about the IAP, this game is one of the games that will require very hard work to open the other characters, and the problem is the other characters such as Lara Croft also taste will not have the effect that so different. As the image to play you can get 500 coins, and the price of the character Lara Croft is 56,000 coin. You do the math.

The graphic quality is not particularly bad, but there is no special also. That became my attention whether this game has the official license using four characters from the four different franchise.

For game situation now that the IAP, which is quite mad, gameplay features that have not been too many and there is also no process of leveling I could not recommend this game. This is very regretful because the endless combination runner with action duel like this is quite rare. 

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